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Patching Postfix for mySQL and Quotas

April 20th, 2008 No comments

If you are hosting email for more than one domain you might want to look into virtual hosting. With virtual hosting most choose to use database vs files to store the mailbox information. Not only does this allow a more flexible configuration, but the ability to use a web interface such as Postfix Admin. Out of the box Fedora Core 8 Postfix RPM does not support mySQL or quota support. However a simple recompile and install of the resulting package will get you up and running. Read more…

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SMF and MediaWiki Bridge

February 12th, 2008 5 comments

After testing out both bridges currently available for SMF and MediaWiki I decided to write my own. Let me first go through what I liked and didn’t like about the existing bridges. Read more…

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Patching Apache’s Suexec Module Improved

January 5th, 2008 No comments

This tutorial improves on my last tutorial Patching Apache’s Suexec Module by adding in alternate docroots and a trusted uid/gid to check when the uid/gid mismatch. This is an added security measure over just ignoring the uid/gid check or using / as the docroot. If you haven’t read my previous tutorial the following quote should bring you up to speed. Read more…

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Useful Mdadm Commands

December 16th, 2007 1 comment

Below is a collection of commands for mdadm that I have found useful. Use these at your own risk. Read more…

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RAID Explained

December 16th, 2007 No comments

RAID, which stands for “redundant array of independent” disks provides a way to group disks into one volume and/or provide fault tolerance. There are three way to implement RAID: hardware, a combination of hardware/software, and software only. Read more…

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Installing Debian/Ubuntu on an Existing RAID/LVM

December 13th, 2007 No comments

I like to test all the possible scenarios before putting a server into production. One of these tests was whether I could reinstall linux without disturbing the RAID arrays. Unfortunately the Debian and Ubuntu installers do not make this easy. When you reach the partitioning stage it will just show you the physical drives with the linux raid partitions and not the md devices. Here are the steps that worked for me. Read more…

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Patching Apache’s Suexec Module

November 30th, 2007 No comments

Apache’s suexec module is useful for running CGI and SSI scripts as a defined user. However all scripts must be located under the compiled in docroot and the uid/gid of the user running the script must match the script’s uid/gid.

This can be a problem if you have a shared CGI app like awstats as unless you make each user a copy the uid/gid will not match. Not to mention that the docroot on Fedora is /var/www so if you want to store your virtual hosts elsewhere your out of luck. Not to worry recompiling apache isn’t as hard as you might think. Read more…

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