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Patching Apache’s Suexec Module

November 30th, 2007 No comments

Apache’s suexec module is useful for running CGI and SSI scripts as a defined user. However all scripts must be located under the compiled in docroot and the uid/gid of the user running the script must match the script’s uid/gid.

This can be a problem if you have a shared CGI app like awstats as unless you make each user a copy the uid/gid will not match. Not to mention that the docroot on Fedora is /var/www so if you want to store your virtual hosts elsewhere your out of luck. Not to worry recompiling apache isn’t as hard as you might think. Read more…

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Virtual Web Site Hosting

November 4th, 2007 1 comment

A common practice is to use one apache server to host websites for multiple domain names. Apache supports virtual servers out of the box making this easy to setup. This tutorial is based on Fedora Core 5, but should apply to most other linux distros. Read more…

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