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Polycom Phones UC Provisioner for FreePBX 2.11

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The Polycom Phones module for FreePBX 2.11 allows for quick and easy provisioning of phones running the Polycom UC software.

Before creating this module I had looked at the OSS PBX Endpoint Manager and the Commercial Endpoint Manager. Development on the OSS module seems to have slowed and the commercial module doesn’t support FreePBX device and user mode.

Using the idea of the Digium Phones module I decided to create a module specifically for Polycom phones, which removes the need to edit XML configuration files.

The module has been tested on the following phones:

  • SoundPoint IP 335 with UC software 4.0.4
  • SoundPoint IP 550 with UC software 4.0.4
  • VVX 400 with UC software 4.1.5

DHCP Server / Phone Provisioning Settings

You will need to configure option 160 on your DHCP server to http://yourserver/polycom or manually configure the provisioning server options on each phone to HTTP and yourserver/polycom.

Admin -> Modules
Select Upload modules and specify the file below.

See Polycom Phones UC Provisioner for FreePBX 2.11 for the latest version.

Settings -> Advanced Settings

I recommend changing the following settings. If you already have created devices you will need to change the SIP nat and SIP sendrpid on each device.

SIP nat = yes
SIP sendrpid = pai
Enable Custom Device States = true

Connectivity -> Polycom Phones -> General Settings

At minimum you need to fill in the registration address and port. The address should be the hostname or IP of your FreePBX server and port 5060. If you don’t have an NTP server pool.ntp.org will work.

Connectivity -> Polycom Phones -> Phones

When a phone checks in with the provisioning server it will be automatically added to the list of phones. Recheck config will send a check config SIP notify message to the first registered line of every phone. This is useful for when the general settings or FreePBX feature codes are modified.

If you have other modules installed such as call forwarding, do not disturb, follow me, or parking installed the attendant console list will include options to monitor/toggle the settings. When generating the phone config the current feature codes are determined. Additionally a Xfer VM and Park button will be added to the phones soft keys.

Upon clicking submit the module tries to apply the changes immediately. A request is sent to the phone’s IP using the Polycom Push API. If this fails, which will happen if a phone is behind a firewall or NAT, a check config SIP notify message is sent to the first registered line. External phones will have changes applied as long as you do not modify the device for the first line. Otherwise a manual reboot of the phone is necessary to download the new config.

Connectivity -> Polycom Phones -> External Lines

External lines allow registering a phone to a server other than the local FreePBX system.

These options should be fairly straight forward. The line label is what is displayed on the Polycom line key. The MWI Callback is the number dialed to check for voicemail.

Polycom UC Software Updating

There is no Polycom software upload option in the module. You can manually upload the latest Polycom UC software to /var/www/html/polycom on your FreePBX server. The phone will automatically upgrade when rebooted.

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