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Rolling Out pfSense Embedded

October 13th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Since the 1.0 relase is hot on the mirrors now is the perfect time to discuss this. As most of you know each time a new version is released you have to backup your config, flash the new image, setup the minimal amount to bring up the webgui so you can restore your config. Well with the help of a few scripts I wrote you can put all that in the past.

Lets walkthrough the process and we’ll even add in the miniupnpd package, which is quite useful for home routers. You’ll need a freebsd machine to run these scripts. Don’t have one?, no problem. Download a copy of freesbie, run it in VMware or burn it to a CD. The CD image makes no modifications to your hard drive.

Next download the scripts and the miniupnpd files. If you don’t want miniupnpd then skip those.


First lets gunzip pfSense and make the scripts executable.

gunzip pfSense-Embedded-1.0-RELEASE.img.gz
chmod +x sh-replace-config.sh sh-add-miniupnpd.sh

At this point you need a copy your config file. If your add miniupnpd to the image find the </installedpackages> section and replace it with the <installedpackages>…</installedpackages> section in the cfg-add-miniupnpd.xml file. Now lets run the scripts. They automate the process of mounting, copying the correct files, setting the permissions, and unmounting the pfSense image.

./sh-replace-config.sh myconfig.xml pfSense-Embedded-1.0-RELEASE.img
./sh-add-miniupnpd.sh miniupnpd.tar.gz pfSense-Embedded-1.0-RELEASE.img

Thats it, your done. All you need to do now is flash the image to your device.

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